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Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Transforming Stress into Happiness


Sitting at a coffee shop, I overhead two women at the table behind me. One was talking about how stressed she was at work. There were new responsibilities and endless deadlines. She concluded by saying, "I just want to be happy." The other woman was fed up with her spouse and just wanted to break free. "I can't just take it anymore", she said.

Probably if i could hear the conversation of everybody around, i would easily conclude that almost everybody is unhappy and same state of mind ..
On the way back home, i was deep in questions: Is it a coincidence? How come just everybody is under so much stress? Are we doing something wrong? Are we All doing something wrong? But how would that be Possible?

Then i asked myself a very easy question and the answer was even simpler.
Question: Who is responsible for the stress in your Life? 
Answer: Probably everybody around

Question: Who is responsible for the stress in your heart?
Answer: You

If you agree with the answers do read on because this article is for you.

Before we conquer Stress, it is very important for us to understand Stress.

Understanding Stress: Although many individuals manage stress relatively well, some individuals experience physical and/or psychological symptoms. There are times when stress, in limited amounts, can be beneficial and encourages an individual to meet a deadline or get a task done.

 However studies have shown, that individuals who experience excessive amounts of stress may increase the risk of developing various medical conditions. Examples of physical symptoms related to stress include fatigue, headache, gastrointestinal upset, muscle tension, episodes of dizziness, weight loss or gain, back pain.
More prolonged stress leads to heart disease, Stroke, High Blood pressure, Diabetes Mellitus and many more life threatening problems. 

Psychological symptoms related to stress include irritability, anger, depression, nervousness, and anxiety. In addition, many individuals experience sleeping problems.
Stress can also be suicidal or life taking.
And Above All. Stress Leads to Ageing .
The more i talk about stress the more painful it becomes.

So Lets talk of how to get rid of stress from our lives?
And if we cant get rid of that stress, lets talk of how to transform that stress into happiness.

Some Guidelines before we begin.
Managing Stress is an art. It comes by practice. Its like learning to ride a cycle. The more you practice, the better you become. And once you have mastered the art, it becomes second nature. This is where you can be of huge help to your life and to lives around you.

Some prerequisites:
1)  A fit and healthy body
Excess fat means excess toxins in your body. They will never let you feel happy and content

2)  Good Nourishment
Junk food, Alcohol and Smoking will make you feel better just for a few moments and then what will follow will be depression and unhappiness for days.

Techniques To Manage Stress
Now consider you are stressed. How do we deal with it methodically. You are just about to learn the most efficient way to throw unhappiness out of your system.

1) Step No-1
Close your eyes.
Raise your arms towards the sky and take a few deep breaths and
Smile. If you can smile in the face of Stress you have won the battle.

2) Step 2-
Drink a full glass of water.

3) Step 3: 
Relax, Deep Breathe and immediately think of something or someone that makes you smile.
It is this art to switch your mind from unhappy to a happy thought that will make you relaxed and peaceful.

This may take some time to master, but when you have accomplished this art. Nothing would ever hurt you again.

Swami Vivekanand once quoted: "Anybody can be calm in a cave. But stand in the middle of madness and be happy. If you are, then you cannot be moved."

After doing the above exercise, Use any of these below techniques depending on their availability at that moment of stress. you can use one or more tools .

Tools to transform Stress into Happiness:

Number 1)
Once a while visit a blind school or an orphanage or a old age home.
Spend time with people living there. Listen to them
You will feel an instant gratitude towards God. Instantly you will feel happy and peaceful.
This always works, Always!!

Number 2) 
The best way to transform stress into happiness is to help people around you. Your happiness grows by making others happy. This is the most ancient wisdom which nobody remembers now.
"Giving, opens the gates of Receiving".
Give out your time,  knowledge, old clothes, items in your house that you no longer use. Help people around you.
Counsel people and teach them how to Eliminate stress from their lives and yours will automatically disappear.

Number 3)
Read Comics or Story books of your liking
Think of all those books that made you feel happy. Keep them with you always.

Number 4) 
See Movies that make you laugh and make you feel happy

Number 5) 
Listen to Music and songs that you love to hear.

Number 6) 
Have a small temple in your house or a small corner where you allow God to be placed.
Visit a temple on regular basis.

Number 7) 
A memory Album
An album which has the pics of your childhood, your parents, your accomplishments, your dreams and everything that makes you feel better.

Number 8) 
Meditate regularly
Meditation is a practice where an individual focuses the mind on a particular object, thought or activity – to train attention and awareness, and achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm and stable state

Number 9) 
Chant the Holy name of God whenever your mind is full of pain and anxiety.

Number 10
A morning Jog or evening walk does great wonders to your state of mind

Number 11) 
A Hobby
Think about something that you always wanted to do but never found time.
Like painting, reading, trekking, learning a musical instrument, singing etc

Number 12)
A Pet
Love and happiness go hand in hand. There is no exception to this rule.
A dog for example will remove all the stress from your heart in just a moment.
Trust me, if you have this tool, you will not need the above 11 tools

Experiment and find the tool that works best for you. Remember, it take some efforts to work on relieving stress. Repeated use of tools will make you better and better.

The End Result:
Happiness will make you look younger, beautiful and bright.
People will start liking you and would want to spend time with you. You would be the ray of sunshine in everybody's life.

 Important Lesson:
People work 12 hours a day for years to earn a few lakh rupees per annum. But they don't spend time to nuture their relationships and expect to be happy with each other.
Spend quality time with others and yourself to be happy and rich in Life.
Best of Luck!!

         Written By                                                                                        
Dr Hitesh Bathija
  ( Medical Practitioner and Nutritionist) 

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