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Monday, January 18, 2021

Couch Potato to Nutritional Consultant

 The turning point is when you are overweight, it is not only your physical health which takes the beating but even your mental health goes for a toss.

I, Brijen Nath Sharma, age over 60 yrs, a regular swimmer for more than 5 years would wake up everyday morning, do my morning rituals and immediately hit the near by swimming pool until the lockdown due to Corona was announced. I was confined at home which led to no regular exercise, often binge eating, hours of scrolling through my phone and reading books. 

Luckily, my elder son had got our bicycle serviced just before the lockdown and I decided to start cycling every day. Although I started cycling regularly, I would end up exhausted and tired after long distance rides. 
During one such rides, i met with an accident leading to fractures in my left forearm and hand. I was shifted to an Orthopaedic hospital where i underwent an operation and Plate implants were inserted in my left hand. 

With almost disabled and hurt for a few weeks, my health started declining physically and emotionally.
Few fortnights into the lockdown, the weighing scale reflected what I had least expected. I had gained not just few but quite a lot of kgs.

This was the time I realized that I had to get in proper shape to continue cycling. I also realized that good nutrition and diet is as important as exercise.

Being over sixty years of age, I did not want to exhaust my savings by paying medical bills in future.
Hence, I decided to consult a doctor with respect to my dietary habits and my exercise. 

A friend, Mr Kaustubh Bhagwat recommended me to visit Vrindavan Nutrition and take an appointment with Dr.Hitesh Bathija. 
Here the doctor guided me by not only providing a perfect nutritional plan but also encouraged my exercising habits. He was always inspiring and extremely supportive.

Initially, the journey of weight loss was a roller coaster ride filled with snack cravings, but seeing so many others like me lose weight effortlessly, i kept pushing myself forward towards good health. 
The result: I feel happy to share that I lost 9 kgs in 3 months, feeling fit, fine and young.

Now, I can not only cycle long distances but also can jog 5 kms in one go.
Beyond energy and stamina, i look better than i have ever looked in my life. 

I receive compliments many times everday. 
Thanks to Vrindavan Nutrition where i found my wealth of good looks, knowledge, inspiration and guidance .

So happy was i with my achievement, that I decided to opt for a nutritional course in Vrindavan Nutrition where doctors and Fitness experts taught us all about our body composition, Balanced diet, calorie management and personalised excercises. 
Knowing what you eat, what is healthy and what is not, was an eye opener for me. 

I feel proud to say that I successfully completed my course and am a Nutritional Consultant now. 
I have also benefited many many friends and relatives who find themselves overweight and suffer from medical issues.

Feel free to call or msg me if you too wish to experience this beautiful journey of fitness and happiness.
(Contact: 09764434929 )

Written by:

Mr Brijen Nath Sharma
Nutritional Consultant


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