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Friday, November 13, 2020

How I Tackled Diabetes & Obesity

August 2019 'My family and me'
August 2019 ' My family and me'

It was Nov 2014 at the age of 34, I was on my annual vacation. After returning, I had a wound on my right leg which took some time to heal. The doctor whom I was consulting advised me to do some check-up’s and he found that my Blood Glucose levels are a bit high.
However, since it was the first time, he suspected it to stressed sugar in the blood due to some exertion out of my recent travel. Days passed and the wound healed due to medicines. I also felt at ease. Months later I found that I had some serious rise in Blood Glucose levels. I was Diabetic.

This shook me as I was just 34 at that time. I have been seeing cases of chronic diabetes and the effect it has on an apparently healthy body. Nobody would disagree with the fact that Diabetes is a slow killer.
The Doctor prescribed me a 500 mg dose of Metformin, which is the usual Diabetes medicine. Even after having the prescribed dose the sugar was above normal. Years passed in a very busy life. Irregular timings, unhealthy eating habits, nutrient deficient food, lack of exercise and a general ignorance towards health had put my body in a pathetic health crisis.

By April 2020, I was at least 35 Kg Overweight. My fasting Sugar was above 200 & Random would be anywhere above 275-300. I was low on stamina. A subtle drowsiness prevailed all day long and was affecting my performance at work & at home.
I could not walk even for 30 mins and forget about running even 200 mtrs. My knees had started paining & my lower back would at time ache like hell. My mind was in a complete mess with some negativity creeping in. This was the time of peak lockdown in the COVID Pandemic crisis. There was negativity everywhere. So much so that many around me were creeping into mental depression.

I was feeling more exhausted day by day just by sitting at home. It was difficult for me to even play with my 5 yrs old sweet daughter. Nights started becoming sleepless. My body was giving me a warning that If I don’t act today, my future is going to be extremely dark. Fortunately, I had no Blood Pressure or Heart issues by now & I never wanted to slip into this phase. On a similar sleepless night, my wife recognised something was on my mind & she suggested me to see one of her Doctor Friend.
He has a good reputation of helping a lots of people to get rid of Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Knee and Back Pain, Obesity, Digestive disorders, Male and female Infertility issues and many such physical problems which are because of Obesity and overweight.
On 28th May I decided that I will reduce at least 12 KGs in 3 months. After visiting Dr Bathija, I was high in confidence and I corrected my target to 25 Kg in 6 months. I had nothing to lose at this stage and decided to give it my 100%.

In the 1st week itself I had lost 1.2 Kg & this small success was a BIG motivator for me. I decided to continue by adding some more flavours like disconnecting from negativity and focussing on my goal.

I was prescribed a good balanced diet, Healthy Nutrition, 7-8 hrs of sleep, stress management, required amount of water & easy to do @ home exercises.

Today after 5 months into the journey, I have lost more than 16 Kg, my levels at fasting sugar is around 125 without medicine. My random sugar is at time below 110. I feel energetic enough to work even for 14 hrs a day if tie demands.

My performance at work and home has been improved. I can play with my child at her will.
On 1st Nov 2020, I ran 5 Km nonstop in just 40 mins. I have no knee pain or back ache anymore. And guess what, I am just half way into my journey of weight loss.

First time in my life, I am able to recognise how wonderful is fitness. Fitness is something you need to earn everyday like money or knowledge.

Following are some Lessons I learnt in my Weight-loss journey.:
· 1) Yes, You can lose weight:
I never believed that the gained Weight could be lost. For me like it was a one-way traffic no coming back once you move ahead. Believe in what you want to achieve and visualise it before you achieve it.
·2) No Goal is too big and impossible till you make it so:
No goal in life is too big and impossible until you make it so. Paint the bigger picture but in parts. Break your goal in small achievable targets. Focus to achieve these small goals. Remember, millions are constituted of ones and hundreds and thousands. Do not ignore small success and enjoy them. These small successes are actually making you fit enough to embrace the bigger success.
·3) Success is the biggest motivator:
Acknowledge small successes. These are going to be your biggest motivators on a seemingly long and impossible journey.
·4) Have quantifiable & Measureable targets:
One that cannot be measure cannot be improved. Have measureable targets and go on improving them every now and then.
·5) Accept Suggestions and instructions from your Mentors:
Your Mentors are the backbone of your success. Surrender and accept what they have for you. You do not know everything and you do not need to know everything. However you need to have Mentor who knows what you need.
·6) Workout alone cannot lose your Weight:
There were times, where extra workouts never helped me lose weight in a particular week. It’s not that any one activity helps you to achieve the result. It is the right combination of all the 5-6 activities that put together in right combination will evolve the desired result.
·7) Failure are there to teach you:
Its not about embracing success, but its all about how you handle your failure. Failure teach you what not the right way to do a particular thing. Don’t blush away of failures. They are your true friend who will teach you how to do things right.
·8) You need the warrior spirit to achieve goals:
You cannot be a worrier and expect to achieve goals. You need to be WARRIOR. A Warrior is one who takes actions and executes plans, without worrying about failures. Do not worry about side effects or failed results. Remember, you have nothing to lose if you are already in a pathetic condition.
Having out the above learnings together, I wish to continue on this journey. It has given me a sense of Physical, Social, Professional and Spiritual satisfaction.

After 15 Kgs of Weight Loss

However, above this, the biggest satisfaction comes when you start helping people to achieve their goals.
Looking at my changes a number of people approached me to enquire the secret about me weight loss and wellness journey.
I have at least 25 success stories in just 3 months. People have lost 10-12 kgs in 8-12 weeks. It is such a satisfying feeling when people bless you for showing them the correct path. I want to earn more and more such blessings and I will keep on helping more such people to experience a life full of fitness, vitality, performance, satisfaction & spirituality.
I am for life indebted to Dr. Bathija for his valuable guidance to me and my friends. His unique techniques do not fail and can work for anybody and everybody. Do not worry if you are Overweight, Obese, Diabetic or are suffering from Heart problems or any other lifestyle diseases. I would personally recommend you to consult Dr. Bathija once. He is a gem of a person and can be your guiding light too.
I will be sharing more such success stories from my friends with undisclosed identity. Also in the meantime I personally studied Nutrition to some depth and will be sharing interesting insights and sorties with people who are serious about their wellness.

If you are the one, then please comment in the comment box. I will personally send you details to get added to my broadcast list, wherein I shall be helping people to achieve desired goals in life.

Written by


Mr Kaustubh Bhagwat
Entrepreneur, Nutritional Consultant, Financial Coach

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