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First Free Video call Consultation

First Free Video call Consultation
First Free Video call Consultation Call : 09822784893

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Welcome To Vrindavan Nutrition

'Vrindavan Nutrition' is a Specialised Wellness Centre for Obesity Management.
It is a Gurukrupa Hospital Awareness Programme, founded by Dr Hitesh Bathija and Dr Neelima Bathija.

About Our Vision
"Vrindavan Nutrition is not just about Diet. It is a Lifestyle change."

We are a team of caring doctors and specialists who strive to educate and inspire you to a healthier lifestyle.

We train and motivate everyone to become the person they want to become and achieve the goals they want to achieve.

Our mission is to help you live your life with dignity, health and happiness.

Why Bother About Obesity

Because over 50 disorders are linked with Obesity including:
1) Cardiovascular Diseases.
2) Stroke
3) Type 2 Diabetes
4) High Blood Pressure
5) Knee Pain
6) Spine problems
7) Thyroid Disorders
8) Infertility
9) Menstrual Disorders
10) PCOD and many more
And just 10% Weight Loss leads to a huge improvement in all medical conditions.

This is where you need Vrindavan Nutrition which guides you with the following specialised activities:

Obesity Awareness Programme includes First Free Check up, Consultation and Counselling with Eminent Doctors, who study your body composition and give you expert advice on how to methodically and naturally reverse your Obesity and its complications.
After you decide to to start the programme, you go through the following:

Personalised and Balanced Meal Plan

Teaching 'Surya Namaskar' 

Counselling and Stress Management

Stretching your limits 
Fun Workouts
Education on Child Nutrition
Teaching the maintenance of Family Health

Dr Neelima Bathija lost 15 kgs post pregnancy ( Caesarean Section)
Within a year, she ran a 5 km Marathon and completed a 30 Km Cycling Marathon.
Dr Neelima Bathija


At 'Vrindavan Nutrition'

*Say Goodbye to Obesity and its complications at a very reasonable cost.

*Surprise yourself and your loved ones with a new look.

*Manage your Obesity quickly and in the most scientific manner.

*Lead a life with dignity, self respect and happiness.

For Appointments,

Vrindavan Nutrition,
c/o Gurukrupa Hospital, 263/6 Vithalwadi road,
Dandekar Pul,
Pune - 411030
Maharashtra, india

Contact : Dr Hitesh Bathija  09822784893
Location on Google Map: VRINDAVAN NUTRITION


  1. Awesome place to lose weight and look fabulous.

  2. Happiness, Joy and Beauty are the words that come to my mind when i think of Vrindavan.

  3. If you want to lose weight and enjoy the process too. Vrindavan is the place to go to.

  4. An absolute 10 out of 10 for Vrindavan and Dr Hitesh Bathija

  5. In this busy schedule of life nowadays, overweight becomes a big problem. Not only low fitness hampers your work life but also your personal life.
    I found my gud looks and fitness in Vrindavan.
    Thank you Dr Neelima for changing my life.

  6. Dr Neelima and Dr Hitesh are enthusiastic and committed to a high level of fitness. I would recommend Vrindavan to anyone wanting to lose weight.

  7. Vrindavan Nutrition is a great community space for people looking for fit life. The space is beautiful, organized and has everything you need for a good workout and counselling. Their Wats app group keeps you motivated and always in touch.

  8. Fitness, Motivation and Beauty are the three names that make Vrindavan.
    My husband did not like it when i first wanted to lose weight. But 3 months later, he could not stop praising me and my decision to be here.
    I am very happy with myself.

  9. Vrindavan is the best place on this planet.
    I enjoyed every moment of my weight loss.