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Monday, December 21, 2020

Fitness for a Beautiful Gift of Lord in our Lives


3 years after marriage in 2010, God blessed us with a beautiful daughter Mokshada, born in 2013. After she completed 4 years, we decided to go for a second child, a much needed company for Mokshada. 

There was no success for a year.  We had one success but dream got disrupted in 2 months. At this point we realised the problem was excess weight that my wife has put on after her first pregnancy (She was 83kg,where ideal required is 60 kg).

Also my wife was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism having TSH levels around 15 mu/l, being prescribed with 100 mcg  thyronorm tablet and doctor has warned us regarding PCOD problem. 

Time was passing, mokshada being five and half years now.  We really were desperate and wanted to solve this problem earliest.  

Fortunately we were recommended by one of my good friends to Vrindavan Nutrition in Pune, where Dr. Neelima and Dr. Hitesh guided us with lot of care.

Taking first step towards weightloss

After having a consultation in Vrindavan Nutrition, We decided to take that first step towards weight loss . 

It was unimaginable for me and for my wife to follow the weight loss program. But taking that first step was most crucial.  It was most beautiful and effortless, joyful journey of fitness. 

My wife lost her first 1 kg loss in 1 week, which was enough to boost up her confidence, that Yes, we can do it .

Medical benefit with weight loss

My wife lost approx 15 kgs in just 4 months, this got her 5 year troubled TSH level below 3 mu/l, which was originally 15 mu/l. This was really amazing because the PCOD problem just disappeared and we achieved our much awaited pregnancy.

 Nine months later, We were blessed with a  healthy baby boy by normal delivery, thanks to constant guidance of Dr. Hitesh and Dr. Neelima. Bathija

Yes anyone can loose weight

It was unimaginable for me that my wife could ever loose weight. For me it was always one way traffic without U turn. But Today I can confidently say that anyone can have fitness. Anyone can achieve it by breaking down bigger success into smaller targets, be persistent, enjoy every small success.

Time is now

Time is most precious thing in this universe. By making decision of losing weight with time bound focus, you are making your future healthy and fit. It is very important for everyone specially as you approach age of 40 years and post 40.

Health is real wealth

I enjoyed seeing my wife becoming more beautiful than ever before. She now looked better than her marriage pics.

 These changes made me  realize the importance of nutrition, diet, exercise, life style changes and decided to do a certified Fitness course in Vrindavan Nutrition.

i completed a six week Fitness course with Dr Hitesh Bathija and Dr Neelima, learning from their expertise in the field of Medicine from last 10 years.

This knowledge made me realize subject matter of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, water and their true interdependence. 

I realised the best thing one can do is to help others  achieve their fitness, that will naturally help them reverse serious illlness like Diabetes mellitus, Hypertension, Heart disease etc and utilize time for material prosperity and spiritual bliss.

Today i have my own Fitness and Nutrition club named 'Mokshada Nutrition' where i guide people towards a healthier and happier lifestyle. 

 Feel free to enquire by calling 07057107330 for first free consultation.

Written by:

Dr Satchidanand R Satpute

Professor, Nutritionist, Life Coach


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