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Thursday, October 10, 2019

Weight Loss Reduces Risk of Disease

Anyone who has ever tried to lose weight will tell you: Losing it is hard, maintaining it is hard, and gaining it back is easy. And even if we manage to lose the weight, the odds aren't in our favor. Only a small percentage of people who lose weight are able to maintain it for a long time.
Now, there are numerous factors and variables that go into weight loss and weight gain, but if you are someone whose barriers to weight loss are rooted in the psychological and nutritional, then this may be of interest to you: Losing weight and keeping it off could lower your risk of disease. That is, according to a new study by British Medical Journal.
Also researchers from the Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at found that those who could maintain they weight can "stabilize or even improve their cardio metabolic risk factors compared to people who regain weight." Specifically, participants exhibited healthier levels of HDL cholesterol and triglycerides, as well as better fasting glucose and glycated hemoglobin concentrations, blood pressure, and waist circumference. The study took place over several years. 
So put simply, Weight loss improved participant's markers of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes, and keeping it off furthered those benefits. On the other side, those who regained the weight saw adverse results—they lost the benefits they reaped from losing the weight in the first place. 
"Regaining weight was associated with a reversal of the benefits seen from losing weight," said  Alice H. Lichtenstein, a nutrition scientist and director of the Cardiovascular Nutrition Laboratory at the Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging. "If you lose weight and maintain the weight loss for a long period of time, do the benefits continue? The answer is Yes, and sometimes the benefits get even stronger. If you lose weight and don't maintain it, the benefits are diminished or disappear. These findings emphasize the dual importance of not only achieving a healthy body weight but maintaining a healthy body weight."
We've long known that sometimes to attain optimal health and well-being, weight loss is part of the equation. And while fast food are most responsible for regaining lost weight, there are, in fact, effective weight loss strategies to tackle whatever is holding you back—whether it's calorie dense diet, sedentary lifestyle or stress. Assuming that you don't have an underlying medical issue or a hormonal imbalance and aren't currently at your healthy weight, the deduction here is simple: Losing weight could help you prevent disease.
"What we need to focus on now is how we can support not only healthy approaches to losing weight but also maintain the weight loss."

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                                                               Dr Hitesh Bathija
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  1. I am Gayatri, suffering from Diabetes since 12 years. My blood sugar levels have always been above 300.
    One of my friends referred me to Dr Hitesh. This guy turned out to be an angel for me. With his care and motivation i lost 15 kilos in 4 months and my sugar levels turned normal. I haven't taken any medication since 6 months now, yet my levels are normal..Thank you and God bless you doctor.

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