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Saturday, October 5, 2019

Never Give Up

A candidate for news broadcasters post was rejected because of his voice.

He was told that because of his very long name, he would never become famous.

He is Amitabh Bachchan..The Superstar of Indian Cinema.

In 1954 manager of 'Grand Ole Opry' fired a singer after a performance because he did not sing well.

The manager told him"you aint going nowhere ought to go back to driving a truck".

He is Elvis Presley..The King Of 'Rock And Roll'..who is the best selling solo artist in the history of popular music.

A school teacher scolded a boy for not being able to solve simple problems of mathematics.
She told him that he would not become anything in life.

His mother however believed in him and coached him in maths.

He is Albert Einstein..who received a Nobel Prize In Physics and today is called the Father Of Modern Physics.

A girl suffered from Pneumonia and had half her body paralysed at the age of four.
The doctors said she would never be able to walk again.
She was walking on crutches till the age of 10 yrs.

She is Wilma Rudolph. She won 3 Gold medals in 1960 Olympics in Rome and became the fastest woman on earth.

*So Never Give Up In Life. You Have To Pay The Price Of Success*

Presenting some more Great Achievements

                                            Written By                                                                                   
                         Dr Neelima Bathija
                             (Gynaecologist and Infertility Specialist)   

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