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First Free Video call Consultation
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Sunday, September 29, 2019

Testimonial Videos

Every result is so special to us. It could be a 5 kg weight loss or a positive pregnancy. We celebrate each occasion with the same joy.
Presenting a few of my favourite videos

1) Name: Mrs Vishakha Pandit
Symptoms: Obesity and Infertility since 10 years
Results: Achieved Pregnancy in 4 Months and then delivered a baby boy.

2) Name: Mrs Lata Kanvinde
Symptoms: Over weight
Result: 15 kg weight loss

3) Name: Mrs Sangita Borse
Symptoms: Over weight 
Result : Loses 8 kg of weight

4) Name: Mrs Anjali Mundada
Symptoms: Over weight
Results: 10 kg Weight Loss

5) Name: Mrs Swati More
Symptoms: Infertility and Obesity since 8 years
Result: Pregnancy within 5 months

6) Name: Mrs Seema Bathija
Symptoms: Knee pain and Obesity
Result: 21 Kg weight loss

7) Name: Mr Vikas Rana
Symptoms: Over weight
Result: 10 Kgs Weight Loss

8) Name: Mrs Yogita Satpute
Symptoms: Over weight
Results: 10 Kg Weight Loss

9) Name: Dr Ravina Dalvi
Symptoms: Over weight
Results: 10 Kg Weight Loss

10) Name: Mrs Malwika Kumari
Symptoms: Over weight
Result: Loses 5 Kgs of weight

                               11) Name: Mrs Priya Lukwani
Symtpoms: Over weight
Results: 5 kg weight loss

12) Name: Mr Sandeep Mali
Symptoms: Over weight
Results: 5 Kg weight loss

13) Name: Mr Amit Pandit
Symptoms: Obesity
Results: 10 Kgs weight loss

14) Name: Miss Ketki Borse
Symptoms: Over weight
Results: 15 Kgs of weight loss

15) Name : Mrs Amruta Parkhi
Symptoms: Obesity and Infertility
Results: Pregnancy positive in 5 Months


  1. I got pregnant here delivered here . Dr Neelima is very caring.

  2. Beautiful Place, just like Vrindavan.

  3. My wife lost 11 kgs here and she looks fabulous.

  4. After 2 months of weight loss fitness program. I look great and I feel fantastic!!!!
    Dr Hitesh Bathija is a true genius... a genuine fitness guru. Help me reach my goals without breaking me. Made the whole process super fun and educational.

  5. I went to Vrindavan bcoz i was suffering from knee pain since years. I was tired of Painkillers. Here i met Dr Hitesh.
    He is what i like to call a guru of health, he is always giving us tips about how to have a more effective workout, working on posture, nourishing foods, new stretching methods. Also always keeping everyone motivated !
    My knee pain disappeared in a month after i lost 5 kilos. Great place, great doctor.