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Sunday, February 28, 2021

Herbalife Niteworks

 Herbalife Niteworks

Understanding Nitric oxide and how it plays a major role in improving your immunity and saving your life.

The following article is picked up from a medical journal.

Listing the remaining article in my own words to make it short.

1. Eat vegetables high in Nitrates 
E.g Spinach and Lettuce

2. Add Antioxidants: 
Nitric oxide degrades very quickly in the blood stream, so to increase its stability and duration of action, we add anti oxidants like Vitamin C and Vitamin E.

3. Consuming High Proteins: 
Class One Proteins increase nitric oxides in the body.

4. Nitric oxide boosters: 
L Arginine increase nitric oxide production in our body improving blood circulation to all vital organs.

5. Regular Physical exercise: 
Exercise improves nitric oxide levels which reduces fat accumulated in blood vessels.

 Now lets understand uses of  Nitric oxide in our body.

1. Helps treat Erectile Dysfunction very efficiently.
It also increases ovulation in women with infertility.

2. Reduces Muscle pain by increasing blood supply to muscles.

3. Lowers High blood pressure

4. Boosts exercise performance

5. Helps reduce blood sugar levels and therefore manage Type 2 Diabetes.

 Now let us draw some inferences from the topic on Nitric oxide that we studied yest.

** Proteins, Spinach, L. Arginine, Vitamin C and Physical exercise improve nitric oxide in our body.

This helps us to achieve fitness, improve performance,
reduce Hypertension,
reverse Diabetes Mellitus, 
reverse Heart disease.
Improve ovulation and Erectile Dysfunction.

Herbalife Niteworks is the purest and safest form of L Arginine found in Indian market.

Couples striving for pregnancy have shown very positive results.

Almost all cases of Diabetes and Heart disease have shown fantastic reversal with Niteworks.

      Written By                                                                                        
          Dr Hitesh Bathija
  ( Medical Practitioner and Nutritionist)

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